Our online fashion course, Fashion Brand Bible, is the only affordable course on the market that demystifies the processes and gives designers the chance to have their own fashion consultant at their fingertips every day, without paying hundreds of pounds for the privilege.

We created the course not only based on our experience of working with fashion designers but also after conducting hundreds of surveys with fashion designers at tradeshows and online to help identify what assistance designers needed in today’s current market.

Getting Started: Design, Research & Development course section

Module 1. Brand Vision: choosing a name/trademarking/business plan

Module 2. Designing a collection: colour story /design functionality/technical package /making pattern

Module 3. Researching textiles and fabrics: Fabric Sourcing Strategy

Module 4. The Manufacturing Process: Where to Find Manufacturers/ Key Questions to Ask/Sample Process/ Going into full production/How to Negotiate

Marketing and PR course section

Module 5. Sales and Distribution -Selling your collections to buyers/ Selling online/ Direct to consumer/ How to sell at trade-shows

Module 6: How to successfully build relationships with PR and media industry professionals

Module 7:How to develop a successful social media plan: Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest strategies

Module 8: How to approach social media Influencers

Module 9: How to get celebrities to wear your brand for free

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