‘A La Mode’ London Fashion Week Showcase

For fourteen consecutive seasons we successfully produced and managed the ‘A La Mode’ London Fashion Week show, giving emerging and Independent brands a platform to present their collections during this key time in the fashion calendar.


“Thanks so much for everything, it was great to work with you and I hope to again in the future!”
Katie Watson, PR Agent Amato Couture by Furne One

“First of all I just want to say thank you for all the help and support leading up to the show. I have to say the show was very well organised and I think you guys did a brilliant job!”
DIMA AYAD, Independent designer

“It is hard to believe we did what we did and now I am back home in Auckland wearing a sundress and it’s 28C. It has been like a dream come true for both Chrystel and myself have a great weekend and thanks a million for everything.”
Ngaire Lynch, Head Designer at Chrystal Sloane in New Zealand

“Hi Yolande, I’m on Dazed, finally! Again, thank you so much for the great night and your support”
Hanako Narahira, Independent designer, Japan

Post Author: Yolande Letshou

Yolande is the co-founder of Fashion Brand Bible. She previously worked in fashion buying for the UK's leading department store and has a passion for promoting and raising the profile of emerging and independent designers, who are often struggling to gain exposure due to financial constraints/lack of professional direction. As a result she has been fortunate to work on some unique projects and with some fabulous brands and organisations across four continents, North America/the Caribbean (New York & Jamaica,) Europe (Paris, Romania, Poland), Asia (China), and Africa .

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