Frequently Asked Questions

What are the course timings?

The great thing about our course is that there are no set course times. Log in and out as you please and complete each module at your own pace at the comfort of your own home or office.

What happens after I have completed the online course?

Join us on our Facebook Group page for continued support on your journey and to connect and network with other new and existing fashion designers.

I am an existing fashion designer and only want to learn more about marketing my brand and approaching fashion buyers. Does the course cater to this?

Absolutely! Our course consists of two sections therefore in your case you can solely purchase our Marketing & PR course section here (Modules 5-9) for £47 here

What language is the course taught in?

All our courses are taught in English.

What do I do if I have questions about modules from the course?
You can connect with us via our Course Facebook group for any questions and support you need. You can also connect with other students or support via the group.

How do I get access to the course resources section?
You will get a password protected link upon signing up to the course which will have all the resource documents to accompany you throughout the course.

Can I take this course if i am based overseas?
Yes absolutely! As this is an online course so there are no country restrictions for who can take the course.



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